We Help People Who’ve Experienced Homelessness

The simple idea that inspired our founder, Stevie, to start CDUK.

“While working on a related project, I was walking through College Green in Bristol – a place for sharing ideas, protesting injustices and chilling with friends. A hand-written sign was left on the bench that read “98 people are sleeping on the streets tonight. That seems like a solvable problem”. I completely agreed.

Every time, but especially around the wintertime, my heart breaks for the people shivering on the streets, always wishing I could do something more to support them.

Believing business should be about more than just making money, we will not just be another ethical brand as we will use our resources to directly contribute to solving homelessness in our community

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Stylish, Comfortable & Adjustable Shorts That Are Sustainably Made and Employ People Escaping Homelessness

MIBS (Made in Bristol Shorts) are high quality shorts made with sustainable materials that give you the ability to adjust them to match any style you see fit.

Sustainable Shorts Designed To Match Any Style

Mibs have a unisex design, with a waistband and legs designed to be rolled up or down to fit your body shape.

Made from 100% plastic-free fabric, they’re durable, with just enough flex to adapt to your frame without stretching or tearing. So you’ll wear them in quickly – and wear them out slowly.

Made From The Highest Quality Cotton For Comfort And Breathability

Cotton is a naturally-occurring plant fibre that’s soft to the touch, breathable, insulates you brilliantly, holds moisture away from your skin, keeps its shape, and is easy to maintain. Ditto linen – an even lighter, super-sustainable textile that’s been used for tens of thousands of years.

No Bag? No Problem. Have Space To Spare With Our XL Pockets

You won’t need deep pockets to fork out for your Mibs – but you’ll get them upon purchase. There’s room to keep your phone, wallet, keys, even sunglasses safe in pockets measuring over a foot from top to bottom.

Show Off Amazing Designs Created By Local Artists

With prints designed by local artists integrated into the rollable seams, customising your Mibs means reflecting our city’s subtly rebellious spirit, wherever you roam. Because if there’s one thing that makes Bristol Bristol, it’s freedom of expression.

3 Styles To Choose From

Mibs have a unisex design, with a waistband and legs designed to be rolled up or down to fit your body shape.

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Where Is Your Money Going?

A collective you can trust, harnessing our passion to bring positive change.

We take our product and our mission seriously, and we’re in consultation with multiple established charities to ensure we’re pulling in the same direction in our efforts to help tackle homelessness.
We aim to help our workers escape homelessness by employing them in our manufacturing team, providing training and transferable skills and paying them a living wage for a four-day week.

Our team is spearheaded by Stevie, who’s been working in ethical fashion for the last decade. We’ve taken care to bring the right people into the Mibs collective, with finance, HR and training are covered by experienced, dedicated people we know we can rely on.

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